Copywriting samples

Sample 1: Promoting Joint Complex for Arthritis

Few things are worse than losing your freedom to move without pain.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 55, 65, or over 75…

Movement is what keeps you feeling and looking YOUNG…

It’s the secret to a long and healthy life. 

So watching yourself gradually lose the freedom to move without pain can make you feel like your best days are behind you…

Honestly, it can feel like a death sentence.

Unfortunately, this is the reality for millions of Seniors… 

The good news is there’s hope…

In fact, there’s a new simple, natural, and proven one-step solution that’s so powerful it’s allowing even the most frustrated seniors to restore pain-free movement and youthful stamina at any age.

It was discovered by a leading Kinesiologist who was looking for a natural way to help even his most agonizing clients who tried everything…

Like Annie from Makawao, HI who said:

“My arthritis is really bad. My hip is bone to bone with bone growth on it. The pain was so bad I could not get comfortable trying to sleep… I am now able to find a comfortable way to fall asleep thanks to this. Thank you!”

Or Judy Knutson from Saint Paul, MN who recently said:

“I have been taking Celebrex for 5 years for my arthritis pain and I wanted to find something safe… It caused internal bleeding for my mom. I’ve had great results with this ….”

So If you’re still suffering from any kind of nagging arthritis or joint pain, try this right after getting out of bed to restore pain-free movement and youthful stamina at any age:

=> Do this after getting out of bed to restore pain-free movement and youthful stamina at any age (takes 13 seconds)

 In health,

Maggie N.

Sample 2: Promoting Leptofix for weightloss

Subject: Use This Vietnamese Herb, Lose 76 LBS

This husband is a true hero!

He saved his wife’s life and helped her lose 76 pounds in a few weeks, and the way he did it will absolutely blow your mind.

You can find more here>>

He used an ancient technique known only by the inhabitants of a small Vietnamese island and secretly passed from generation to generation.

This already helped 122,000 women and men from over 26 countries, including the United States, to get rid of that nasty fat that had been plaguing their lives.

For a limited time, he shared the secret here>>

Now there is a catch so read the following very carefully!

There is a high chance that you might lose weight too fast when trying the method, so extreme caution is advised!

Sample 3: Promoting Bloodflow 7

Millions of Americans over 40 are now suffering from a condition called “Heart Starvation.”

It’s due to a lack of one special ‘nutrient.’

You have plenty of it when you’re young.

But it can drop by 50% or more once you hit 40.

Without this special ‘nutrient,’ your heart starves.

You have low energy, you feel sluggish, you age faster, you have memory problems.

In some severe cases, you may even experience a heart attack.

Fortunately, it’s easy to reverse these symptoms and heal your heart.

All you have to do is ‘feed’ your heart the 1 special ‘nutrient’ it so desperately needs…

=> How People Over 40 Are Reversing Aging & Fatigue by ‘Feeding’ Their Hearts

P.S. Baylor University says this 1 ‘nutrient’ is “the key to the kingdom of healthy aging.”

In health,

Maggie N.

Sample 4: Promoting a Make money online product

Subject: Reset and Restart For 2022 – Here’s Something That WORKS!

If you’ve been online for any amount of time then I’m sure you already know that ‘push button’ this or ‘instant’ that just doesn’t exist…

The truth of the matter is that CREATING your own content is a sure-fire way to make a consistent online income. This has been PROVEN time and time again, and I can personally vouch for it too.

So rather than looking for the easy way out that doesn’t exist, you really need a blueprint for building a sustainable online business. Something that does just that in the shortest space Of time imaginable.

Well, you’re in luck today, because I’ve not only got the perfect system for you as we enter a New Year, but also got you it with a huge discount:

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Until next time…

Maggie N.