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The following is an in-depth analysis of Fatjoe SEO agency. Being that I’m a person that has explored Fatjoe SEO services, I’m at an advantaged position to advise you on how Fatjoe works and the precise experience that I had with them. I will also advise you on the ideal package offered by fatjoe that has worked for me.

However, before we begin kindly consider the following Important Notice.

Important Notice:

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Just what is Fatjoe?

Well it’s definitely not the hip hop rapper, you were thinking about. Fatjoe is an SEO agency established back in 2012 and is one of the leading SEO agencies in content creation and link building.

 Fatjoe uses tools such as Blogger outreach, niche edits, Local business citations, Press release citations, infographic outreach, and product descriptions to rank blogs and websites. Fatjoe SEO agency stands out among other SEO agencies due to its white hat SEO strategies. With a big network of teams, Fatjoe continues to be one of the best SEO agencies attributed to the quality SEO services they deliver.

SEO strategies offered by Fatjoe

  1. Blogger Outreach

Think of Blogger outreach as a strategy of reaching out to established blog owners and websites for a feature in their blog. This remains to be a natural and white hat strategy of building backlinks to sites. When a website/blog, gets backlinks from a high D.A. (Domain Authority), it improves the ranking of the site through link building.

2. Niche edits

Niche edits involves contacting sites directly and requesting for your link to be added to a specific post in that blog, that relates to your niche. Niche edits falls under link building that in turn improves the D.A. (Domain Authority) of a site. The more links that your site/blog has the higher the ranking.

3. Local Business Citations

If you have a local business, the best SEO strategy for you is a local business citation. So just what is a local business citation? Local Business citation involves an online mention of an address, name and location of a local business with the purpose of improving its local ranking in search engines. When citations are done comprehensively, a local business ranks accurately on Google maps.

4. Press Release Distributions

Press Release Distribution is an off page SEO strategy that includes writing content on a specific event, product or service launch and delivering it to PR sites with a motive to attract a wider audience to your launch. However, Press Release Distributions have been abused by websites seeking high ranking leading to press releases losing credibility.

Nevertheless, when done correctly, Press Release Distribution could play a big factor to the growth of your website/blog. Fatjoe handles Press Releases professionally, attracting targeted masses to your content.

5. Infographic outreach

Infographic outreach is an SEO strategy to get potential leads to your website by using infographics. This process involves reaching out to websites and placing infographics in suitable places for your website to get more impressions from visitors.

Each infographic goes with about 200-300 words, and this is the information that visitors access when they click on the infographic. Creating attention-grabbing infographics is the key to this strategy.

Kindly Note: Despite fatjoe offering a variety of SEO strategies, Blogger outreach remains to be the most effective of their services.

My experience with Fatjoe Blogger Outreach SEO strategy

Fatjoe offers a bunch of Blogger Outreach services according to the Domain Authority. The higher the domain authority, the higher the price. I personally went for the 30+ package that costs $95 and includes:

  • Genuine outreach
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating 30
  • Moz Domain Authority 30+ Guaranteed
  • A 500-word article

I chose a package for 5 articles in my blog and spent a total of $475. For the order to be completed it took about 14 days. I received an email from Fatjoe on the 14th day, stating that my orders were complete.

I accessed my dashboard to check out the links and examine to see if there was a difference in Domain authority.

All the links according to ahrefs showed that my articles had domain ratings and domain authority of 30. SEO happens to be a gradual process, and the articles did not rank on Google yet. However, after a period of about one month of constant improvement, all the articles were ranking on the 1st and 2nd pages of Google.

Pricing for other Blogger Outreach packages

  • DA 10+ (Low Tier)- This package goes for $47 and includes sites with a D.A of 10+ with a 500 word blog.
  • DA 20+ (Mid Tier)-This package goes for $68 with sites of D.A 20+ that includes a 500-word blog
  • DA 40+ (premium) – This package goes for $244 with a 500-word blog article on sites with a D.A of 40
  • DA 50+ (Platinum) –This package goes for $489 with  a 500-word article on sites with a D.A. of 50

PROs of Fatjoe

  1. Fatjoe has excellent customer care service- The agents are very friendly as they ensure to respond on all queries you may have at any point.
  2. I’d say their pricing is quite cheap, compared to the quality of services offered. This feature makes it easy for other SEO agencies to seek SEO services from Fatjoe.
  3. Fatjoe uses white hat SEO tactics to ensure your blog/website remains within search engines policies and guidelines.
  4. They deliver work on time. Fatjoe team ensures that your order is ready by the due date.
  5. Fatjoe also has a 100% money-back Guarantee- You can feel safe when you purchase Fatjoe’s services as you are insured with a 100% money-back Guarantee.

Cons of Fatjoe

  1. The User-interface on Fatjoe is a little complicated. However, you get the hang of it after a while.

Why you should consider getting Fatjoe’s Blogger Outreach service

If you’re starting out a Blog/website, and are looking for that exposure, Fatjoe would be an excellent tool to boost your ranking on search engines. Yes, it is possible to get cheaper SEO services but SEO is all about quality links.

A well-strategized Blogger outreach could get your site worthy backlinks, than a bunch of cheaper and mediocre SEO services.

Of importance is to note that Google ranks pages based on quality rather than quantity. You could have thousands of backlinks to mediocre sites, but your Google rankings could really suffer.

Blogger outreach involves creating content on High Authority sites, and this is one of the best SEO strategies to date. Why? Because it is natural. When your site has quality content links from high authority sites, it sends a signal to search engines that your site provides value.

That way you end up appearing to Google even for other posts that aren’t really optimized. Fatjoe has mastered this art and has proved to be one the best SEO agencies in the market.


Whether you are looking to build your brand or get your blog/website to a bigger audience, I’d really recommend that you get Fatjoe’s Blogger Outreach services. However, you could start out with their content writing services and upgrade to Blogger outreach.

Being that I have purchased other SEO services from other companies, Fatjoe remains to be my ideal company due to the exceptional SEO services that I acquired from them.

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