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Fiverr Business

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Guide for buyers on Fiverr

I will show you how to:

  1. Locate the right gig for the services you want to buy

2. Identify the right freelancers to deliver those services

3. Hire and work with freelancers effectively

4. Resolve any conflicts

Tips and Strategies

Part I

Finding the right gig

1. Use the Search Bar

Start by using the search bar at the top of the home page and enter the search terms for the service you want to find. The site will suggest several options as you type.

2. Filter your Searches

From the search results page, use the filters at the top and on the left sidebar to narrow your search even further. The top filters offer related services.The sidebar allows you to filter by delivery time, price, seller level, or seller language. If it’s urgent, you can even choose sellers who are currently online, and can answer your questions in real time.

3. Explore sub-categories

For some categories, you’ll see additional sub-categories. For example, in the Graphics and Design Section, you can narrow down the services by file format, style, and what the service includes.

4. Submit a gig request

If you have a special project, you can also submit a Gig request. This lets you request the exact service you want. Relevant freelancers can browse Gig requests and submit offers if they feel their skills are a good match.

Part II

Finding the right Freelancer

1. Assess their work

Check out the the seller’s portfolio examples, and reviews from other satisfied buyers. This will help you make your decision. Check out the seller’s responses to reviews as well – look at their ability to accept constructive criticism.

2. Check Response Time

Check the average response time on the freelancer’s profile. Keep in mind that freelancers set their own schedule, so consider whether this is as important as their quality of work.

In addition, check their time zone. Working in the same time zone makes it easier to communicate in real time. Again, this may not be as important as the quality of the work.

3. Explore Ratings, Skills and More

In addition, you can explore seller profiles in detail for language, skills, education, and more. A quick way to find the best sellers is to sort by rating, and then narrow down from there until you find the perfect one for the job.

Part III

How to Hire, Understand and Manage Freelancers to get what you want

Once you’ve found the freelancer you want to work with, fill out any information they need, so they can deliver the service you want. The more specific you are, the better. 

If you’re not quite sure, ask questions and communicate, so you can be sure you’re getting the Gig package that best meets your needs. The freelancer will appreciate this too, as it helps them deliver a better service.

Freelancers want you to be happy, so they can receive positive reviews. While it’s a bad idea to micromanage, it’s good to keep in touch and raise any concerns as the project goes along.

Once the project is finished, let the freelancer know if they have delivered successfully. If so, you can approve the project.

Part IV

Solving Conflicts

Sometimes you don’t get exactly what you want. However, before you get too upset, it’s important to remember that Fiverr sellers want to make sure you are satisfied. First, you can ask for a revision, which many sellers offer. Therefore, before you purchase the Gig, make sure it’s included within the package.

If you have trouble resolving your issue, you can use our Resolution Center, but before you do, you should follow these steps:

First, look over your conversations to see if they delivered what you asked for. Maybe you weren’t clear in your instructions to the seller.

Next, point out the issue, but make sure you avoid the blame game. Allow sellers time to address your concerns. Work together to find an acceptable solution. This may mean:

  • A fix free of charge
  • A fix for an additional charge

Once the situation is resolved, leave an honest review. Again, keep it professional – you may want to work with that seller again.


I hope you found this guide useful. As a buyer, you should now be able to use the search features to find the right service and seller to work with. You will be able to work with freelancers in an effective manner, and be able to resolve conflicts when necessary. Now, it’s up to you to make the platform work effectively for your needs.