How to Grow your YouTube Channel with Fiverr Video Editing Services in 2021

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You can never underestimate the power of Social media. Who would have thought that being a “YouTuber” would ever be an actual career?

Yep, times have changed!

According to a blog post on Hootsuite, YouTube had 2 billion logged-in users every month, as of the end of 2020.

The consumption of video has grown exceedingly during the pandemic, with YouTube being the ideal social media platform that feeds this ever-growing audience.

According to Pew Research, an American-based Research company, YouTube is the most popular social media platform in the United States.

Still, having second thoughts on opening that music mix YouTube Channel? Now is the time. You have the stats!!

YouTube Video editing at a glance

The number of content creators on YouTube has risen over the years, and now creating quality content is necessary, if you are to survive in the murky waters of being a content creator on YouTube.

As a result, the demand for editing and YouTube services has skyrocketed.

Video editing is a skill that needs attention to detail as well as tons of patience. If you don’t have a passion for trimming and scrubbing hours of footage video editing will be hard for you.

On the other hand, working on a video project is part and parcel of creating YouTube content. For your content to sell, quality editing is crucial.

The good thing is that one can always outsource YouTube video editing services. But if you are just starting out as a YouTuber, you probably should learn a few tips and tricks of editing your own videos before employing a full-time editor.

So, as a content creator on YouTube, where do you find quality YouTube video editing services?

The answer is Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

In simple terms, Fiverr is a market where sellers and buyers meet in exchange for services. The Israeli-based freelance company has established itself as the go-to platform when it comes to the gig industry.

Fiverr has distinguished itself from other freelance marketplaces due to its affordable nature.

With as little, like $5, you can get yourself some top-notch SEO services. That was actually my first order on Fiverr.

My first order on Fiverr

My experience with Fiverr was more of an “Aha!” moment for the countless services I was constantly looking for. I was so carried away by the platform, that I created this video and posted it on my Facebook page.

PS: I’m a Gemini…

The thing about Fiverr is that once you start, you can’t stop. Fiverr literally has got every service, you’d ever need; especially if you are in the online space.

Unlike other platforms, Fiverr is an open market where you can browse on all services offered and pay for them directly without intermediary or back and forth discussions with the vendor.

And BTW, if you are in the Native Advertising space, you are in luck! Fiverr just launched its Native Advertising category. Now you can set up your Native campaigns with the help of freelancers with years of experience in Native Ads.

Now that’s an UPGRADE!

If you are a veteran, I bet you’re wondering where the hell “data services” disappeared to. Well, you can now find all data services exclusively in the newly launched Fiverr Data Vertical.

The new Data Vertical includes the following:

  • Databases
  • Data analytics
  • Data processing
  • Data visualization
  • Data science
  • Data entry.

Just an update!

The new launches are just a constant reminder that Fiverr means business!

Fiverr is an Industry Leader in the gig economy.

How Fiverr Works

Working with Fiverr is easy. The following outlines the process that Fiverr follows:

  1. Create an account on Fiverr. Fiverr also gives you the option to sign up with your Gmail account.
  2. Order for your desired service.
  3. Pay for the service upfront.
  4. Fiverr receives your money and the freelancer receives the order and renders your project as a work-in-progress.
  5. The buyer then receives a notification that the order is complete.
  6. Once the buyer approves that the work done is satisfactory, only then is the freelancer paid.

Getting started with YouTube video editing services

So, you eventually opened your first YouTube channel.

And now you’re on Fiverr wondering, “Where do I start?” Don’t worry. Fiverr can be a little overwhelming at first. I mean, look at all these categories.

Fiverr Services

Finding your YouTube video editor is easy peasy!!

Here are the significant pointers:

  1. Defining your niche of work
  2. Sourcing for the ideal YouTube Video editor
  3. Previous works and testing

i) Defining your niche of work

Before you identify your ideal YouTube video editor, your success must match their passion.

 Is having an edited video all you care about? Do you want to create a working relationship with the editor after their first project?

For one-time gigs, building a working relationship could be a challenge. But if you need regular video editing services, it would be great to create a good rapt with the freelancer.

Having a good relationship will ensure that the video editor understands your approach and desires, thus reducing revision time.

After settling for your candidate, begin to elaborate on your niche of work. Here are some of the factors to consider:

  • Objective- what do you wish to achieve when viewers watch your content? Normally quality content is meant for, education, entertainment, and sale.
  • Length-do you need long or short videos for your audience? It takes a long time to edit long videos as compared to short ones.
  • Audience-who is your target market? Who are you trying to reach?
  • Turnaround time-how soon do you need your videos completed?
  • Budget-how much are you willing to pay? Remember there may be other charges such as the platform commission that you may need to cover.

ii) Sourcing for the ideal YouTube video editor

Now that your expectations are in check, it’s time to move to the sourcing stage. This part is exhausting and time-consuming.

You must practice patience and carry out your due diligence. Take your time to examine each video editor to get the most suitable editor for your gig.

One advantage of YouTube Video editing gigs is that freelancers represent their gig with a video. Therefore it makes it easier to determine your ideal YouTube video editor and saves you time.

Here are two factors to consider while assessing YouTube video editors:

  • Technology conversant

You might not be an editing guru. But you have to find one. Be inquisitive to find out what software the video editor uses. To hire a great video editor, the editor must be conversant with the latest software such as adobe premiere and final cut.

Ask about the specs of the computer they use to edit. It will give you an idea of whether the candidate can handle big files and different workloads.

  • Competence and experience

When interviewing candidates, you will encounter different video editors who have diverse skills. Determine your ideal editor by your requirements and expectations.

Divide your potential candidates into the following categories:

  • Entry-level: this applicant may have just joined the platform with one or two projects on their profile. However, just because they are at entry-level, it doesn’t mean that they lack experience.
  • Intermediate level: This applicant has achieved a few projects on Fiverr and has advanced experience. Think of this level as a “rising talent”.
  • Senior-level; this applicant is a top-rated video editor with vast experience and with a portfolio of successful projects. They deliver the best and in the least amount of time.

iii) Previous works and test content

Besides examining the video editors based on the videos on their profile, you can ask them to provide more samples to identify the most suitable video editor.

Once you have your eyes on one or two editors, it is time to test their skills with your work. Ask the editor if they are ready to do a paid test. The test should be challenging to test their strength in editing and short to reduce the turnaround time.

Provide minimal instruction for candidates, who are in the senior and intermediate levels. After the candidates submit, mark their reels with the following factors in mind;

  • Did they meet your expectations? i.e.  Style, instructions, and authenticity.
  • Does your brand intertwine with the editing style that they used? E.g. music, color theme, graphics, etc.
  • How much time did it take to work on the project?

Fiverr Internal Features to explore

i) Fiverr Badges- Fiverr has a “cool” way of representing its top-performing freelancers. With the Fiverr badge, a buyer can quickly identify the best freelancer in a category. Look out for the following badges:

  • Rising talent- This is a new seller on the platform, who’s breaking odds and with huge potential.
  • Fiverr’s choice- These are sellers who are recommended based on their superb work and exceptional services.
  • Pro verified-These are exceptionally qualified professionals with vast experience, having been vetted by the Fiverr team
  • Top-Rated seller- This is a seller who has delivered over 100 orders and received 4.7 and above in ratings.
Fiverr Badges

ii) Submitting a Gig Request- If you are the paranoid type, well, there’s an option for you. Not every buyer has the time to scroll through lists of freelancers. 

Maybe you specifically need a YouTube video editor with Adobe Premiere skills. You can submit your gig request on Fiverr, and receive applications only from qualified video editors.

This feature makes it easy for you to “kind of” filter and gets whatever you are looking for in the shortest period.

Gig request form on Fiverr

iii) Average Response Time- Fiverr is constantly monitoring the behaviors of its sellers. The profile of each seller indicates the average response time. You want a seller with an average response time of at least an hour.

It shows that the seller is readily available to start working on projects.

But what if you need services immediately?

You can always filter freelancers according to those who are currently online.

iv) Reviews and comments- Fiverr want the best for its buyers. The ratings and comments section on a freelancer’s profile can only make the screening process effortless.

Any buyer on the platform is on the lookout for perfection. The ratings and comments section serves as a reference tool to identify suitable freelancers for a gig.

Reviews and comments

Top three tips while outsourcing on Fiverr

Outsourcing for services is beneficial for any startup business. The business will get work done without necessarily hiring permanently, hence minimizing costs.

Fiverr stands out as one of the best online platforms that connect you with highly skilled and affordable freelancers. It is almost guaranteed that you will find a freelancer who is willing to work on your short contracts at a fraction of what it would cost to get an employee.

To ensure you look forward to reaping the benefits while outsourcing on Fiverr, here are the most important tips when it comes to outsourcing Youtube video editing services on Fiverr:

Communicate your prospects with the freelancer

In any business carried online, it is always safe to over-communicate than assuming that work will meet your expectations. Be precise and instructional while handling a gig to a freelancer.

Provide as many details as you can. Let the video editor understand what you expect at the end of the gig. This way both parties will be happy at the end of the contract.

Build a working relationship with one video editor

It’s easy to get a video editor on Fiverr but getting one who understands and meets your expectations is a rare gem. Once you identify a video editor that meets your needs, maintain a relationship with them, to sustain them for more video projects.

Always be professional

After working with freelancers for a while, you may find yourself not communicating professionally. You want your employees to take your work seriously. So yeah, keep it professional!

What if something goes wrong?

So the YouTube video editor just delivered, and you are not happy. Worry not.

You still have the option to ask for a revision. Although most gigs come with a revision, not all gigs will have the same luxury. Therefore, as a buyer, always make sure that a gig includes revision.

Still, having trouble with the work delivered? The last resort is the Resolution Center.  Think of the Resolution center as a platform to solve the situation at hand.

On the resolution center, you can achieve the following:

  • The Seller has the option to extend the delivery time (only if the buyer agrees)
  • You have the option to ask the seller to cancel the order, and explain why you see it necessary.

However, to get the best out of Fiverr, problem-solving skills are essential. Look at your conversations with the freelancer, maybe you weren’t specific enough. Come up with solutions rather than focusing on the problem. You’ll be surprised at how much you can achieve with good communication skills.

Let’s get you started with YouTube…

Thinking of opening that YouTube channel but still skeptical? Well, let me inspire you.

You might have heard of her. Her name is Supercar Blondie. Yeah, I know you know her. You most probably binge on her YouTube videos.

Supercar Blondie

Anyway, her YouTube videos are all about luxury cars. Most of her YouTube video titles go like “World’s first supercar SUV”, “The World’s only Ferrari Rossa”, “World’s First Person to drive the Devil Sixteen”.

She has built a name for herself in the Luxury cars niche and accumulated a whopping 5.98M subscribers (as at the writing of this article).

But it’s impossible to believe that her first video got published in November 2015, and at the time she went by the name “Radio Blondie”.

Think it’s a long time? However, comparing that span of time, with the number of subscribers she’s amassed, she’s broken odds.

Supercar blondie first video interviewing comedian Binbaz while driving

The concept of her first video was geared towards “interviewing celebs while driving supercars,” then grew to become the Supercar channel. However, what stood out about her was the passion she had for cars.

So, how do you get here? …

Do you enjoy bike riding? Traveling? Beauty and makeup? Determining your passion is the first step.

Build your channel according to your interest, then let Fiverr, do the rest of the “dirty” work for you. In short, just make Fiverr your best friend.

Apart from YouTube video editing, here’s how you level up your YouTube to a success story, like Supercar Blondie:

i) YouTube SEO– it’s one thing to have cool videos, but if no one is watching them, then you stand to lose. YouTube SEO is a principal factor, in growing your YouTube channel.

Pro Tip: Uploading content consistently, will for sure make the SEO process easier

Fiverr is a stellar source for YouTube SEO experts with the outstanding experience to rank your videos.

ii) YouTube Thumbnail services- we are visual beings, hence a good thumbnail can never go wrong.

A thumbnail that evokes curiosity will lead to more clicks to your videos; increasing your click-through rate. It will then improve your search ranking on YouTube.

Fiverr has a pool of expert Graphic designers with years of extensive experience.

iii) YouTube Intro and Outro services– The first 10s of your video can make or break you. You want to capture your viewer’s attention to convince them to watch your video till the end.

A well-designed and animated YouTube Intro will not only brand your channel but also increase your watch time.

With Fiverr, you get to choose from a wide variety of YouTube Intro experts. You can easily choose your ideal freelancer based on their sample video.

iv) YouTube banner services– A banner that’s eye-catchy with top-notch graphics brands your channel.

You want your channel to stand out amidst other channels in your niche. Fiverr will get you the best YouTube banners designers, and you won’t have to break the bank.

v) Virtual Assistant services– If you happen to run multiple YouTube channels, then a virtual assistant should be on your to-do list. A virtual assistant will help you with the following:

  • Manage your social media- Social media is not only a great marketing tool, but it also boosts the performance of your YouTube channels. A virtual assistant confirms that your social media pages are updated with your latest works on YouTube.
  • Respond to emails- if you are busy with your YouTube channel, the chances of you not checking your mails are high. A virtual assistant will respond to incoming emails immediately and capture opportunities in time.
  • Email marketing- Email marketing remains to be a top marketing tool to this day. A virtual assistant will market your YouTube channel to an audience that’s attentive to your niche, thus leading to more subscribers.

vi) Web Development Services– A blog/ website is a lifeline for any online platform.

So, you did a great video on YouTube and your viewers are interested to know more about you or your service.

Linking your website/ blog on the video description will lead your audience to your website, thus generating more leads to your brand.

Web Development services for Various YouTube Channels

a) For an E-commerce channel– Got a Product review, makeup, or beauty YouTube channel? Then you most definitely need an e-commerce store to link to your channel.  Most YouTubers while starting will leave their affiliate link to Amazon or eBay.

However, the profit margins of these websites are pretty small to your online business.

The following are e-commerce development services you might consider getting for your E-commerce YouTube channel.

  • Shopify store- Shopify is a subscription-based e-commerce platform that pretty much lets anyone build an online store. It has an in-built e-commerce structure and makes the e-commerce process easy and effective.

A website like Shopify lets you source products from platforms like Alibaba and resell them at a profit on your site.  With Fiverr, you get to choose from a broad catalog of Shopify web developers and designers.

Apart from Shopify, here are other e-commerce platforms you may need for your YouTube channel.

  • Wix
  • Big Commerce
  • Woocommerce
  • Volusion
  • Lemonstand
  • 3D cart
  • Big Cartel
  • Magento
  • Squarespace
  • Prestashop

b) Information YouTube channel– If you hold a YouTube channel about current events or life events, you probably only need a simple website to get in touch with your fans.

A WordPress website with a blog section will be the best option for you.

PS: It takes a lot of hard work, to establish a successful Youtube channel. Fiverr will only act as a catalyst. You have to put in the effort. Get creative. Look at what other YouTubers in your niche are doing and compare and contrast. And don’t be afraid to experiment. Think big and let passion be your drive. 

Why Fiverr?

  • Affordable Services

At Fiverr, all gigs start selling at a mere $5. There’s no other freelance platform with such low prices. For a startup company, you stand to benefit from reducing your expenses. And Fiverr is the place to be.

  • Wide Variety of Freelancers

Fiverr gives you options. A buyer has the freedom to compare and contrast gigs depending on the quality of work and pricing.

  • Professionals

At Fiverr, you not only get freelancers, but qualified, tried, and tested freelancers. You have access to their profiles, and portfolios to determine the best match for you. You are literally one click away from a database of professionals in almost all fields.

It’s “a whole world of freelance talent at your fingertips“, as Fiverr puts it.

  • Buyer Protection

Freelancers on Fiverr do not receive payments until the buyer approves delivered work. Fiverr’s interests are designed to favor its buyers.

So have no worries when you order a gig on Fiverr. Your money is 100% safe with Fiverr. Think of Fiverr, as a middleman.

Elevate your experience on Fiverr

Fiverr logo maker

If you are a design freak, you should check out the inbuilt Fiverr logo maker. You can build your logo in minutes and at a fair price.

Fiverr logo maker

Well, I didn’t know that I needed to revamp my logo, till this happened…

I’m now considering getting a new logo on the Fiverr logo maker. The great thing about Fiverr Logo Maker is that you can still get a freelancer on the platform, to tweak the design to your liking.

You can always thank me later for all this free information. Ha!

But first, get yourself a Fiverr Logo.

Fiverr Pro

Looking for exceptional quality services? Then Fiverr Pro is your best bet. The freelancers on this catalog are industry experts with nothing but a portfolio of excellence in their fields. All the freelancers in Fiverr Pro have been vetted and scrutinized by the Fiverr team.

Fiverr Pro

You can level up your YouTube video editing with freelancers on Fiverr pro.

A good example is this guy, Timur Tigalev. This guy has “mad” video editing skills and is an award-winning filmmaker and professional video editor. He has worked with big brands like NatGeo, Forbes, and USA Today.

But hey, don’t just trust me, check him out here. Be ready to be blown away.

Fiverr Pro therefore, is like the “Crème de la crème” of Fiverr services. You get nothing but the best.

Fiverr Business

Think of Fiverr Business like a “hub” where Freelancers and your team can collaboratively work together. If you have loads of projects, with specific timelines and budgets, then Fiverr Business will do the “magic” for you.

Fiverr Business

Once you sign up, you and your team get access to a dashboard that manages contacts and facilitates communication.

One of the “cool” things on Fiverr Business is that you get your fully dedicated Business Success Manager to identify the best freelancers for your projects.

And you never have to worry about business processes such as invoicing, payments, contracts, time tracking, creating reports, and all that boring stuff. Arrrgh!! I know…

Let’s just say Fiverr took care of it with the acquisition of AND CO. Yeah, it’s that simple.

Guess how much Fiverr Business costs? $0. Yes! You pay $0 for your first year. An entire 365 days for Free!

Fiverr Studios

“Can I get an all-in-one service?” is one of the common questions regarding Fiverr. The thought of having to hire a freelancer for each particular gig you need is exhausting, to say the least. Fiverr gets it, and that’s why they built Fiverr Studios.

Fiverr studios

Fiverr Studios can come in handy for your YouTube Video editing gig. You can get the following services under YouTube video editing in Fiverr Studios.

  • YouTube intro and outro
  • Youtube Banner
  • Youtube Thumbnail
  • Social media visuals

Fiverr studios save the time and energy required to order and follow up on different gigs. It’s one studio, multiple gigs.

Fiverr Learn

Fiverr is not only a marketplace but also a learning platform. Need to 10x your Facebook Ads? Learn some Photoshop? Or maybe, grow your Youtube following? Fiverr learn got you covered.

Fiverr Learn

Fiverr learn gets you the best competitive courses from industry experts with impeccable success in their niches.

Here you can learn marketing skills for your YouTube channel.

This guy, for example, will grow your YouTube audience with YouTube marketing.

On Fiverr learn, you can learn new skills, become an expert and sell your skills on your website or even on the Fiverr platform. Knowledge is indeed power.


As of the end of 2020, there were 3.96 Billion Social media users, according to Backlinko. Social media has indeed taken over. But hey, you can choose to stay on the sidelines or grab a piece of the pie. I suggest the latter.

“How do I start my YouTube channel?” The answer is just START!

As Martin Luther Jr. would put it,

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

So, quit waiting, and get started today! Over and out!

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