How to make $500 with a blog

If you are willing to put in the work, yes it’s possible. As long as a blog has lots traffic, then you can easily even make $1000 per day. Therefore, having a blog is one thing, and making it rank on google is a whole other struggle. This is how I would go about it. NOTE: Kindly read this full content to unlock your full potential

1 Purchase a blog on Flippa

Flippa is a website that sells blogs and websites. Here you’ll find sites that have already been monetized, but at a higher price (you can get lucky too). You don’t want to start your own blog from scratch because it will take you ages to do SEO and start ranking. Therefore, this is a quick way to get started with a blog without investing much in doing SEO.

2. Quality and adequate content

Blogs rank because of content. If you don’t have the time to come up with content, go on Fiverr and look for dirty cheap writers who will deliver nothing but the best. In my experience, weight loss and make money niches converts the most. With 1million+ people logged on the internet daily, you just need a tiny piece of that audience to break even.

3. Seo Strategy

So you bought the blog on flippa and you think it could still use some ranking strategies. For this I would go with Fatjoe SEO tool that most people don’t know about. Though a little bit pricey, these guys deliver the best in the SEO space.  They use link building, and content creation via blogger outreach, local business citations, press release distribution, infographic outreach, outreach boost and media placements. Fatjoe SEO tool was the only satisfactory service that I found for the blogs I run.

4. Sign up with an affiliate network

Now that you have everything set up, you’ll have to align your content with products from an affiliate network such as Clickbank, or Digistore 24. Create content that would sell a product in the long run, but do it professionally. Readers can easily detect someone who is only trying to make a quick buck from a sale. That is why finding good writers is the key to this business. Go out of your way to deliver value to your readers, by doing giveaways, and free samples and they’ll appreciate your efforts.

Don’t know how to get started with affiliate marketing? I would recommend Wesley Virgin’s course that has done nothing but wonders for the many blogs that I run. This course though quite pricey will teach you the tips and tricks to get you started with affiliate marketing.

If you are just looking for a cheaper resource  to get you started, then I would recommend the secret email system e-book that will only cost you a mere $5.60. This book will show you how an internet marketer built a 7 figure business with an email list.

If you do the above, I guarantee you that you will be making $500 per day and even more. You will need lots of self-discipline to achieve this. As expected, many people will read this but will never take action. Take that step today and you’ll see that anything is possible if you take action.

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