How to make money with Fiverr: My $100K per month case study

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Is it really possible to make some extra cash with Fiverr? What if I told you, you could make a full-time income from Fiverr. 

Would you believe it? This won’t be just another blog post showing you how to create a gig on Fiverr. Arrrgh!! Even my 1-year old niece can do that. Yes, this will be the answer to the question on “How to make money on Fiverr”.

All I can say is that you are lucky, that you ran into this post. Why?

However, first things first. Some background information.

Background Information

My name is Maggie N. and for the longest time, I was looking for ways to make a decent income online.

Being a student with a big loan, I knew getting a job just wouldn’t cut it.

I did not know what I was looking for, but I knew there had to be a way of making a full-time living online.

And yeah I fell for scams! I lost almost $3000 on programs that promised heaven and earth.

how to make money with fiverr

Nevertheless, I was still determined to crush it online.

 It was back in 2016 when I discovered Fiverr.

I thought that the only way to earn money on the platform was through creating a gig.

So, I created a writing gig. I barely got orders and in a month’s time, I withdrew my gig.

interestingly, for the short period that I was active on the platform, I got to know experts that will build you an online business in the shortest time possible.

how to make money with fiverr

I’m talking about real experts who will build you an entire online venture in a matter of days.

In this article, I will detail all the Fiverr gigs that I explored and the exact experts that I worked with to build me a 6-figure online business

So you’d ask, “Why I’m I willing to share all this golden information?”

Well, it’s simple.

Back then, I wished that there was someone to guide me through this whole online business thing. Therefore, I’m willing to be that person for you.

I could also use some visitors to my blog, Ha!

So there you go…

Recommendations while going through this blog post

To get the most out of this blog post, I really do recommend that you do the following:

i) Register for Fiverr here to get a 20% discount on all services.

ii)This is a long blog post. You can bookmark the services that I outline here, and visit them later.

iii)If possible, bring a notebook to list down unique points for future reference

I Built a Digital agency (How to use Fiverr to earn money)

Who told you, you have to break the bank to have a digital agency?

Well, I know that for sure. You can create a digital agency in anything.

All you need is a highly optimized website, to get you leads.

And don’t worry; you do not have to be an expert in whatever service you choose for your digital agency.

how to make money with fiverr

All you need is traffic to your digital agency. Then you’ll outsource the same service to Fiverr.

In November 2016, I embarked on building a mobile app design digital agency.

This was my first ever online business. It is through this business that I made my first $1000 online in a month’s time.

How did I do it?

The following are the steps that I took to build a successful mobile app design agency:

i) Choose one niche (extra unique service)

When starting a digital agency, you might be tempted to go all-in, and offer almost all kinds of digital services.

The common ones being Web Design, Social media management, and Search Engine Optimization.

Think about it.

These are very competitive niches that you’d have to pay thousands of dollars in advertising as top agencies offer these kinds of digital services.

The secret to success with a digital agency is focusing on one specific service.

You would write content exclusively on that particular service and drive traffic to your site using keywords related to your service.

how to make money with fiverr

The following are examples of agencies you would consider starting:

  • E-book cover design
  • Book editing
  • Corporate videos
  • Product photography
  • Game art
  • Packaging design
  • Social media design
  • Content marketing
  • Social media copy
  • Whiteboard & animated explainers

A keyword like “packaging design” gets about 10k-100k visitors from the 5 top-tier countries(United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) each month.

All these are potential clients to your agency.

ii) Build agency website

Now that you have your niche ready, it is time to build your agency website. Your website is the lifeline to your agency business.

Therefore, creating a state-of-the-art website should be your priority. Aim to build a site that grabs attention and is user-friendly, and clients will keep on coming back.

This is the strategy that I used to design my mobile app design agency.

The website you build should include the following features:

  • E-commerce website(WordPress woo-commerce is ideal)
  • Should have multiple payment gateways( Stripe, PayPal,)
  • Should have a one-page design -You don’t want to confuse clients when they land on your website. The information on your main page should be short and precise.

iii) Driving traffic to your agency

Traffic equals sales.

Without traffic, your agency is as good as dead. On the other hand, relying on organic traffic takes time.

You would need to have backlinks to your site from websites with a high D.A (Domain Authority).

And lots of them, for your website to at least appear on the 3rd page of Google. (Not reliable at all!!!)

Google ads is literally one of the best traffic sources out there. And specifically, Search Ads!

So now you think that you’d just go over to Youtube and search for “Google Ads Tutorial”? The joke is on you friend.

That’s the mistake I made when I had set up my Mobile app design agency.

I thought that as soon as I created my first Google ads campaign, I’d see orders from left-right, and center.

All that I got was 5 clicks per day from an ad spend of $40 per day. It was frustrating.

That’s when I started doing my research on Google ads and learned that there’s something called Ad optimization.

how to make money with fiverr

So you wonder, what in the bl**dy hell is Ad optimization?

Think of Ad optimization as a strategy to show your ads to a relevant audience that’s particularly interested in your service.

Well, I came to the realization that Ad optimization is actually a “thing” that these top Youtubers know but rarely talk about.

It is a strategy that agencies use to drive massive traffic to their sites and get thousands of conversions.

When you utilize Ad optimization, you will spend less and get more leads. Why? Because that’s how Ads work.

You might have a big budget for your ad but if your ad is not relevant, you will lose money! Yeah, lots of it!

So how do you optimize your Ad? You will need a Google Ads expert who has specialized in Ad optimization.

I’m talking about guys with years of experience in running profitable ads. These people are so good, they can run your Google ads in their sleep…

(Just kidding!!)

But you get my point. Where do you find them? Fiverr!

After a week of throwing free money to Google, I finally engaged a Fiverr expert on optimizing my Google ad.

The first day I did not get any leads. On the second day, I got 30 clicks and 4 conversions.

I was spending $20 per day as my daily budget. By the end of the month, I had 30 conversions. I was only running Google Ads 3 days a week.

iv) Fulfilling quality orders

Once I got an order on my agency, I’d go to Fiverr, and buy the same gig at a throw-away price and keep the profits.

The awesome thing about Fiverr is that you get top-notch services at a very friendly price.

Kindly note: Before you choose your Agency niche, do intensive research on the particular service you intend to provide.

In my case, I did in-depth research on mobile app design and even ordered sample designs from Fiverr in order to identify the best sellers.

That way, my clients were sure to get the best, as I had done my homework.

As we speak, I run 3 more agencies dealing with Google ads, Social media design, and E-book cover design.

On a monthly basis, I make approximately $30,000 from all my agencies. I dare you to fail with this.

I Built a Shopify store (How to make money using Fiverr)

E-commerce is a business model that is quite profitable once you get the hang of it.

For as long as people exist in this world, they will always buy stuff. Even stuff that they don’t need.

If you intend to get to the e-com industry, then a Shopify store should be at the top of your list.

I started my e-com store in mid-June 2017, which offered pillowcases with customized designs. I purchased a Shopify website creation gig from Fiverr.

That way I was able to set up my first Shopify store in 2 days.

Being a novice, I used Google ads to drive sales to my store, but I barely got orders.

I spent $20 on Google ads, every day and made 2 sales on the first week. Each customized pillow went for $50.

A friend of mine who is an expert on Shopify was quick to point out that I was making losses.

He said, with an ad spend of $20 per day, I should be making a sale every day, in order for my shop to be considered profitable.

He also suggested that Facebook Ads to be the best Ad platform for a Shopify store.

However, I was adamant that I could still scale up the shop given time.

I reduced my daily ad spend to $5 and in a week I could make 3-4 sales.

However, after a month, my sales drastically stopped.

Clients complained about long-shipping periods and it really affected the number of sales in my shop.

Well, the whole process was quite a learning curve. I also came to the realization that I had chosen quite a competitive niche.

There’s something called “winning products” in the Shopify world.

So I started my research and stumbled upon car mats as a less competitive and in-demand product.

This time around, I was keen to build a brand around my product and look for a company that would deliver my products on time.

Preferably one that is based in the USA.

That was when I came across spocket .

See case study of $178,492 with Spocket

With this shipping company, my products could get to my clients in 3-7 days.

I set up my brand new Shopify store with car mats as my niche product. I then would outsource videos from Fiverr and use them to run Facebook Ads.

In the videos, I would show potential clients how my car mats would make their lives easier.

All these videos were created by Shopify video experts on Fiverr.

I also outsourced Facebook ads services from Fiverr. In my first week, I spent $30 on Facebook ads and made 20 sales. I was elated.

However, my expert friend advised me to learn about Facebook ads if I want to scale up my business.

That way, I would spend less and make more sales.

He was right. I stopped outsourcing Facebook ads and took a Facebook ads course on Fiverr Learn.

With my Shipping company now located in the USA, I had good reviews on my site, therefore I kept on making more and more sales.

After months of running ads and making thousands of sales. I wanted my shop to get sales without me having to run ads.

Yes, I wanted organic traffic. I got in touch with two SEO experts who were exclusively good at Shopify SEO.

I was willing to spend to get value.

how to make money with fiverr
Click here to order Shopify SEO from Zimamedia (These are the guys that I contacted to improve my Shopify SEO organically)

The duo worked on my Shopify store and I could see the results in a span of one month. I started getting organic sales gradually.

And that’s how I reduced my costs drastically. Up until today, my Shopify store makes roughly $10,000 in a month.

Case study of success with Shopify

It is possible to scale up your Shopify store to make millions? Ask David Forgaty.

He went all-in with his Shopify building a 3PL(Third-party logistics) to boost his sales.

The 26-year old(2021) Aussie guy started his company Oodie in 2018 and is now raking millions from this venture.

Mr. Forgaty has since built other Shopify brands worth over $250 million under his Company, Davie Group.

I Built an Etsy shop (How to make money on Fiverr for Beginners)

Etsy is quite big on hand-made products.

A friend of mine told me she was making $30,000 a month from Etsy, and I automatically thought she’s one of those crafty and creative individuals.

I was wrong. She was selling Designed resumes.

I was astonished. Little did I know that you can actually sell digital products on Etsy.

She would sell one copy of a resume at $11 and had almost 20 listings.

On a monthly basis, she would make about 3,000 sales totaling about $30,000 per sale each month.

Wow! I knew this was the perfect business model.

With a digital product, you do not have to worry about shipment and all those logistics crap.

A client only has to download your digital product and ChaChingMoney in the bank.

I started doing my research for the perfect digital product to sell on Etsy. I stumbled upon Social media posts for Real Estate businesses.

I was keen to learn some design skills using Canva.

I made social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

In a month’s time, I had about 10 listings with different designs on my Etsy shop.

However, I realized that my listings did not really meet the standards compared to other social media posts.

In a month I only had 3 sales of $10 totaling $30.

I then thought of looking for designers who would actually create something unique and captivating enough.

I went to Fiverr, to look for Social media designers. And boy!!! Did I bump into many?

I would buy a bundle of Social media posts on Real Estate from Fiverr and sell them on Etsy at about $15.

I improved my sales and the next month I made $100.

However, I still needed to scale up my sales.

I once again consulted my friend on how I could 10x my sales.

She checked out my shop and suggested that I work on my SEO so that I appear on the first page of Etsy when someone searches Real estate social media posts.

I looked for an Etsy SEO expert on Fiverr and found someone who promised to deliver the best SEO for Etsy and had great reviews.

I was really eager to see if this would work.

I ordered my gig and waited. SEO takes some and I would only start seeing changes after several weeks.

And Yes it worked.

After around four weeks I started getting more sales and made my first $1000 on the fourth month of being on Etsy.

Starting the Etsy shop was a rather easier experience compared to other ventures.

If you’re the crafty type, you can consider starting out a shop on Etsy.

Nevertheless, you can still start out an Etsy shop selling digital products.

Indeed Fiverr has top-notch and skilled experts.

Key factors to note when starting out an Etsy shop

i)Focus on one product

If you’ve decided to offer a particular service, make sure that your shop exclusively offers that service.

For example: If your shop offers “thank you card designs”, you would have almost 30-40 listings with different designs.

With this method, each time a potential client searches on Etsy on “thank you cards”, you will most likely outrank other shops.

ii)Provide as many listings as possible

It is not enough to have 2-3 listings in your shop.

If you want to play with the big boys you should consider having about 30-40 listings in order to rank on the first page.

It is simple SEO.

The more products you have the more impressions you’ll have.

iii)Focus on long-tail keywords

Etsy is not just about listing products, you have to provide a detailed shop description using long-tail keywords that people are likely to use when searching for a product.

A software like marmalead will suggest for you the best long-tail keywords according to your niche.

This is the software that I used to get high-traffic long-tail keywords and included them in my shop description.

iv)Leverage social media traffic

You do not have to solely rely on Etsy traffic, you can get leads from social networks and lead them to your Etsy shop.

A Pinterest and Instagram account would work best.

You would have to create consistent content on your social media pages.

For example, on Pinterest, you would create a pin on how to get the best “Thank you card designs” for your orders.

This pin would then lead potential buyers to your Etsy shop.

Pinterest is quite a good traffic source because you can tap into google traffic and get consistent organic traffic.

You can also create videos on Tiktok on how to get the best resume designs.

Social media traffic is quite a powerful tool, and if you are consistent with creating content, you would reap the benefits by scaling up your Etsy sales.

Started Amazon Kindle (How to make a living on Fiverr)

Amazon Kindle self-publishing is one of the most profitable passive ways of income.

There are literally millions of people buying books on Amazon Kindle.

With a big brand like Amazon, rest assured that your book will receive millions of impressions when well ranked.

Think of Amazon kindle as a set-and-forget kind of business model.

What’s awesome about Amazon kindle is that you do not have to be an expert writer. You can simply outsource the writing services and publish your book to be sold on Amazon kindle.

And that’s what I did. I simply looked for a ghostwriter on Fiverr to write romantic e-books and had about 10 listings on my kindle.

The most important factor when listing on Amazon kindle is to make sure that your e-book cover stands out.

Remember that the ebook cover is what potential buyers see when scrolling on Amazon.

A good ebook cover will get you sales even if your content is not as good.

However, always aim to deliver the best content, as the book reviews play quite a huge role towards getting more sales.

When you have good reviews, this factor 10x your sales.

Should you consider getting an expert to drive traffic to your e-book?

Oh he** Yes!!!

Unless you are an SEO expert with years of experience on Amazon KDP.

It’s always easier to outsource though.

How you write your e-book description and the keywords is very essential.

The keyword that you use will determine whether you’ll rank, or simply disappear among the millions of books published on Amazon KDP every day.

And this is where the expert comes in handy.

With my Amazon kindle, I make $1000 a month. I specifically focus on Romantic e-books as my niche.

I haven’t provided any more books on the platform for about an year, yet I still make sales.

And that friends, is the power of passive income.

Started Amazon Associates Blog (How to use Fiverr to make money online)

Amazon Associates is the Affiliate program for Amazon.

When someone makes a sale through your link, you receive a commission from the sale.

Amazon Associates is a very beginner-friendly platform.


Because millions of people are literally looking for things to buy on Amazon.

I thought of building an Ecom site, that would directly link clients to Amazon when they click on “Buy”.

However, this strategy wouldn’t work.

Because people still have the option to go to Amazon and buy the product directly from Amazon.

So I had to be smart about it. I started a blog that would review camping tents.

Think about it.

A person who will land your blog already has the buyer intent and is just looking for more content on the particular item.

Most of my blog posts went like “10 best camping tents of 2021” or “13 best must-have camping tents for hiking”.

I hired a web developer from Fiverr to create a simple blog for me.

A WordPress blog is by far the best option if you want to easily rank in search engines.

I then would hire writers to write content for me on a weekly basis in a span of one year.

Each month I added 4 pieces of content with about 1500 words on camping tents.

After one year, my content was ranking on search engines and I was making consistent sales.

Kindly note that I also invested in some quality backlinks to boost my blog from Fiverr.

I ordered a variety of backlinks from Fiverr that improved my domain rating leading to more impressions.

I also used Fatjoe’s SEO services. (One of the best SEO companies offering white hat SEO strategies)

I haven’t added any more content on the blog for a while now and yet I still receive commissions.

I make around $1200-$2000 from this Amazon Associates website.

Started a faceless youtube channel (How to make money off of Fiverr)

I always had an idea to start a Youtube channel but I always wondered what content I would produce.

Add that to the fact that it seems like a lot of work to create and edit videos. I’m also camera shy!!


So a Youtube channel was literally the last thing on my mind.

However, my friend who had guided me on creating my Shopify store got in contact and told me that he was making $3,000 on a 3-month old faceless youtube channel.

The best part is that he did not have to create the videos. He had a whole team doing all the work.

I was suddenly very interested. He had made a Youtube channel on sharks and he released 2 videos every week. Wow, this sounded promising.

He recommended me to the expert that he was working with. He was from Fiverr and had great reviews.

It was a good idea because I did not have to do anything.

Just delegate the work and have my Youtube channel up and running.

I ordered the gig on Fiverr, and created a Meditation channel as the Law of Attraction niche was really trending. I ordered a package that had 15 videos created for me.

What most people do not know is that you do not have to create Youtube channels by yourself.

All these big channels on Youtube have a whole team managing them.

You still have the option to create and upload the videos by yourself, however, it will take a long time before you start getting views.

An expert already knows what works and what doesn’t.

Youtube SEO is a very important factor in scaling up a channel. When you work with an expert you are guaranteed quick results in a short span of time.

As I write this article, my meditation channel has gathered 105,200 subscribers.

On a monthly basis, my channel makes around $5,000-$6000 and is only 7 months old as of the time of writing this article.

I spend around $600 on the creation and editing of videos on Fiverr.

Youtube is a very good source of passive income.

I know people who have made the platform their sole source of income, operating about 10-20 channels.

These people have treated their Youtube channels like a business, and have literally outsourced all the services required to run a successful Youtube channel.

You do not have to start from scratch.

You might spend lots of money while starting up the channel, but it will be worth it when you eventually start getting views.

Youtube Case Study

This Wildlife Youtube channel was started on 14th, June 2021, and has produced videos on a daily basis, and already has 6.55k subscribers (as of the writing of this article).

Most people do not have the discipline of producing videos on a daily basis.

This is why it is important to involve a professional, who will at least produce at least 4 videos in a week.

Youtube is all about numbers.

The more videos you have the more chances your channel will receive views.

And that’s the “BIG secret” about Youtube.

Success tips for a faceless Youtube channel

i) Look for a niche that is ever-green

An evergreen niche will ensure that you always receive views because people will always be interested in your content.

For example, A channel about cars or food is an evergreen niche, and people will always have a keen interest in these niches.

ii) Produce as much content as possible

It only takes one video, for your channel to blow up.

When any of your videos break out and receives lots of views, it opens up a gateway for your other videos.

This is when your videos will start appearing on “recommended videos”.

This is the exact path that successful Youtube channels have taken.

iii) Be consistent

This will take a lot of discipline.

It is not enough to produce many videos, then just stop…It doesn’t work like that.

If you plan to open up a Youtube channel, you should be aware that Youtube is a long-term project.

Assume that you are running a company.

Can you just walk away from your company?

Treat Youtube like a business, and you’ll reap the benefits.

PS: All the above is only easier when you have a Youtube expert running your channel.

Trust me I know.

It is literally impossible to be consistent when you are running a one-man show.

I know people who are living life large in Dubai, running multiple Youtube channels yet they’ve never edited a single video in their life. (just showing you what’s possible)

I Started a Puppies Blog (Make money with Fiverr)

I had just bought a puppy around December 2019. I didn’t know much about pet grooming and pet health.

I, therefore, kept on looking for more information on pets on the internet.

With extensive knowledge of SEO, I identified a gap in the market.

There were so many longtail keywords according to google’s keyword planner, that barely received results on google.

Specifically, there was a big gap in the market on pet health.

Then I thought to myself, why not start a Puppies Blog. And that was it. I just went on Fiverr and had an expert build my Blog with WordPress.

The idea was to write content on Pet grooming and pet health in-depth and get lots of traffic in order to promote products from markethealth dealing with pet health.

I would get about $45 each time someone purchased a product through my link. Commonly called CPA.

I once again improved the Domain Rating of my blog to about 68 D.A, through an expert from Fiverr, and my blog visits got to at least 1000 per day.

Whenever I ran out of content, I engaged writers on Fiverr to write professional and SEO-optimized content for me.

I also used Fatjoe’s SEO services to improve my rankings and my daily views went up to approximately 1700 views each day(kindly go for Fatjoe’s Blogger Outreach and thank me later).

This was indeed a big milestone for me.

The blog to this day has 108 articles as of 27/9/2021.

To this day, I have continued hiring Fiverr writers to produce pet grooming and pet health content for me.

And I’m busy on the other side reaping the profits.

I’m talking about $4,000 per monthly income.

And it only costs me $200 each month to outsource content.

Not so shabby, Ha!

How you can start immediately…

A blog is a digital asset that can earn you lots of passive cash if you are serious about it.

All you have to do is to create a simple website, create content, Do SEO, and then drive traffic.

Where people go wrong

Most people will create a blog, write about 10 articles, then expect money to fall from the sky.

Think of your blog as a shop. If your shop has lots of products, you’re likely to make more sales.

how to make money with fiverr

The same applies to a blog, if you have lots and lots of content, you’re likely to get more traffic.

It is indeed true when they say content is king.

Starting up a blog is the easiest way to start up your online career while you still hold your day job.

The following are the steps you can follow to establish a 6-figure blog.

And this is the Exact Blueprint I have used to make thousands of dollars from blogging.

i) Identify a niche that you are interested in; one which is not saturated.

Think along the lines of fishing, beekeeping, golfing, camping, woodworking, gardening, and spirituality.

ii) Sign up for Bluehost here.

This is where you’ll create your domain and hosting. Choose your desired name for a blog. This should cost you around $110 for a 3-year domain and hosting.

iii) Head over to Fiverr and order for a blog creation gig.

This WordPress expert will create a modern blog for you fully customized according to your niche.

iv) Look for writers/content creators on Fiverr in your niche

It is better to work with writers who are exclusively writing for your particular niche.

That way you are guaranteed of working with an expert who will write professional and engaging content.

how to make money with fiverr

Aim to upload at least 4 articles in a week.

Have a budget of about $80 each week, in order to get at least 4 quality articles from Fiverr.

v) Order for backlinks for your blog

Backlinks will improve your site authority and make your blog get more visitors if you already have SEO-optimized content.

After you have about 15 articles on your blog.

Contact this guy from Fiverr, to improve your Domain rating for your blog to get more visitors.

If you could get your D.R to about 40+, you are in business.

So how do you benefit from all this traffic? Google Adsense.

vi) Google AdSense expert

Get in touch with this Google AdSense expert who will get your website approved by Google.

An expert has the experience and the technical know-how to get your website approved fast.

You could also sign up to affiliate networks, and promote products that go in line with your niche.

Clickbank and Digistore 24 are the best for this.

Case study of success with Blogging has made over $1,000,000 from Blogging, a blog that was created in January 2019.

You would really be surprised by how the website is simply structured. Adam does list types of content.

For example, he would provide content on ” Top 15 SEO companies to improve your SEO.”

The website makes money from affiliate marketing.

If someone signs up for a program through his articles, he gets a commission.

For a website that receives 500,000 weekly visits, you can imagine the number of affiliate sign-ups that the website gets.

This kind of business model is known as content marketing.

how to make money with fiverr

Content marketing involves providing lots of value to people via providing quality information, and in turn, you get people to sign up through your links.

Most of these people won’t even know that you will earn a commission when they sign up for a program through your blog.

How you place your links in your content should feel natural and relevant.

If you are providing information about starting a blog, it would only feel natural if you got people to sign up for a particular domain/hosting company.

Started a viral and automated Google AdSense website(Best Fiverr gigs to make money)

This was one of the easiest projects that I had ever done and all I had to do was to get an expert on Fiverr to create the website for me.

I ordered a news website that would extract content from top websites automatically, spin that content to be unique and post it to social media automatically.

The Fiverr expert will get the website to be approved by Google Adsense, and all you’ll have to do is basically is to sleep and make money.

I have never touched that website until today, yet I still make a clean $5,000-$6000 in AdSense every month from the automated blog.

How it works

Before the website is approved by Google Adsense, you would need to have at least 15 well-written manual content.

The purpose of this is to ensure the website follows the guidelines of Adsense in order to get approved.

After your website is approved, your website will be integrated with a plugin that pulls content from top sites, depending on whatever niche you’d want.

However, for automatic websites, news and technology niches are ideal.

Then the content from these sites would be spun with an auto spinner plugin.

how to make money with fiverr

The goal of this is to ensure that the website doesn’t get banned for copying content.

The content should be unique in order to rank on Google.

Integrated with various social auto post plugins, the content that is generated would be automatically posted to social media pages, therefore leading to tonnes of traffic.

Social media is the key feature to the boosting of the website to appear on search engines.

Therefore, you would have a fully automated website that’s generating you thousands of traffic on a daily basis, without having to create a single piece of content.

This is the model that I have used since January 2020, to create 3 websites in the news, technology, and sports niches.

Each of these websites makes at least $1,000 each month from Google Adsense.

This is the perfect example of a set-and-forget method of making money.

Easy peasy.

Just spend a few dollars setting up, and that’s it.

All costs involved

i)Buy a domain and hosting Bluehost (3 years)- $110

ii)Engage Fiverr expert to build your automated viral website- $70

iii)Get your website approved by Google Adsense by an expert-$30

Total: $210

Started affiliate marketing(Make money with Fiverr)

Affiliate marketing is no easy task.

I know you’ve seen many YouTubers flaunting their high earnings on Youtube.

Fact remains that you need a big audience/following in order to make sales with affiliate marketing.

For you to start seeing big earnings on Affiliate marketing, you should be ready to invest in traffic sources.

However, you could also use free methods to generate traffic.

Free Traffic methods

i) Starting a blog

Whatever niche you are interested in, this would involve you writing content on your website, and getting visitors to sign up through your affiliate links.

With a blog, you’d write content like, “10 affordable email marketing platforms for 2021”.

As stated earlier, this falls under content marketing, where you write features of different products and services, and your visitors can buy their ideal service, through your affiliate link.

For you to start seeing significance, with this type of traffic, you would need to write a lot of content, and do lots of keyword research.

This is a long-term strategy of making affiliate sales.

how to make money with fiverr

Although blogging takes time, it is worth the effort, as whatever you write on the internet remains there forever.

Think of those recurring sales that you could make from different visitors.

I used this strategy with my puppies blog to promote puppies products.

Starting a blog is a good way to make passive income, and I find it to be one of the best as you do not have to pay for any traffic.

Most bloggers when starting out will use free Medium sites and Google sites because they have a higher ranking and is easier to get traffic.

However, a self-hosted blog, is always the better option, if you plan to do blogging long term.

ii) Youtube channel

With a youtube channel, you can establish a review kind of channel.

If you are signed up on Clickbank and Warriorplus, you can review various products and compare and contrast different products.

A youtube channel is quite an asset, especially if you establish trust with your audience.

You could do like a “top 10 ways to lose weight in 2021” video and link your affiliate products in the video description.

Starting up a successful youtube channel will take time.

You could also choose to work with Fiverr experts who will create videos and do SEO for you.

This option will make your journey easier, and more scalable.

Being that, I had already established a fan base with my Law of Attraction Youtube channel, it was easy for me to promote affiliate products.

I didn’t do any hardcore marketing on the channel.

All I did was add my affiliate products in the video description.

i)Google Ads

Google Ads is quite a good traffic source if you master it.

The best thing about this traffic source is that you can actually target people who are actually searching for that particular product or service.

how to make money with fiverr

However, I was never successful with Google ads until I involved a Google Ads specialist, who knew the best way to promote affiliate products.

ii)Facebook Ads

This is another tough traffic source.

I’ve had the worst experience with Facebook Ads as I had my Facebook page banned trying to promote an affiliate product on the platform.

Facebook hates affiliate products. (especially weight loss).

And even the smell of it leads to an immediate ban.

That’s why you need a very well-crafted landing page.

From my experience, Facebook ads work well with e-commerce types of products.

I have promoted amazon products with Facebook ads and I’ve had a smooth experience.

I’ve worked with various Facebook Ads experts from Fiverr to level up my campaigns.

If you have no prior knowledge of working with Facebook Ads, I would recommend that you get an expert from Fiverr to run the campaigns for you.

If you want to learn Facebook Ads in-depth, I would highly recommend Fiverr Learn

iii). Native Ads

I discovered this traffic source way later, but it’s one of the best traffic sources that a beginner can start with.

Just what are Native Ads?

Ever visited top websites like CNN and New York times?

Did you notice very engaging thumbnails, that appear to be just another blog post?

Well, that’s native ads for you.

It involves creating out-of-this-world content to grab viral attention, then leads to a specific solution, now being your affiliate link.

I did not know much about Native ads, and therefore I engaged a Fiverr freelancer to do literally everything for me.

I went and signed up for Taboola.

This is a native ads agency that will display your native ad on top websites.

After opening my Taboola account, I involved a native ads specialist from Fiverr.

This expert already knows what type of content works and the specific thumbnails you should use.

It is of essence that you involve an expert that will get your ad approved fast, without back and forth irregularities.

With the nature of Native ads, your article receives some kind of viral attention, and that’s how you can make your first $1000 online.

My experience with the Native ads expert was great as I was able to make sales on a weight loss product on Clickbank “Okinawa flat belly tonic“.

How you can get started with affiliate marketing fast

I bet you’re here, wondering, with all this information, just where do I start?

The first step would be to sign up for an email marketing platform. I really recommend getresponse.

Build online presence with trusted marketing software (en)

With this software, you can build landing pages and also get email subscribers.

If you plan to be a top affiliate marketer, an email marketing platform is a top priority. And with getresponse, the probability of falling in the spam box is almost zero.

how to make money with fiverr

Now that you’re all set up, the next step is to get traffic.

One of the best traffic sources for someone looking for immediate and quality traffic is solo ads.

Udimi remains to be a top-quality traffic source to get your first email subscribers.

With Udimi, you can get traffic from top email marketers with huge lists of buyers, especially in the make-money-online niche.

Therefore, it would be ideal to promote warrior plus products on the udimi platform.

With this strategy, I guarantee you that you’ll make your first $100 with affiliate marketing.

I created a website to make affiliate sales on autopilot

Most beginners in the affiliate world do not have an idea that you can create a website that can make automated sales.

This also works as a viral site, and you can easily get a Fiverr specialist to do it for you.

A friend of mine recommended this strategy, and I thought I’d try it out.

I got an expert from Fiverr to create the website for me.

The plan was to have the website as a passive income source.

The niche of the website was health and weight loss.

In a span of about 7 days the website was ready.

I had quite a pleasant experience with the Fiverr seller.

He had a deep understanding of how the whole system works and stated that once the website starts ranking on search engines I will be making affiliate sales.

I had connected my Clickbank account with the website.

And indeed he was right.

The website got lots of traffic by the end of the first month.

I made my first $120 by the end of the first month, from my Clickbank account.

Over time, the website has continued to grow and now I make a steady $1000-$1500 per month passively from one of my Clickbank accounts.

I would attribute the success of the Clickbank website to its auto-social share feature.

The website automatically shares content on Facebook, Twitter, and Quora, and this contributes a great deal to SEO.

From all my affiliate marketing ventures, I would say I earn approximately $20,000 in profit.

And I did all these using Fiverr experts.

Case study of success with Affiliate marketing

I know this guy from Youtube.

His name is Liam James Kay. All I can say is that this guy is a true inspiration.

On his first Youtube video, he challenged himself that by the time he turns 30, he should have made $1,000,000 from Affiliate marketing.

This was back in 2017 when he was 25 years old.

His entire Youtube channel is about his journey towards this achievement.

And yes, he has been successful.

His first top achievement was to be the no.1 affiliate for builderall.

He was awarded by builderall, a $32,0000 cash prize for his accomplishment.

We’ve seen the guy making $50,000 and above affiliate sales to the point of being awarded by Clickbank, for making $250,000 in a year.

Costs on getting started with affiliate marketing

I would highly recommend that you get started with a solo ads platform (udimi)

  • Sign up for getresponse -$15/month (for 1000 subscribers and below)
  • Sign up to warriorplus, and promote products on udimi. Choose your ideal email marketer and spend around $300 to get enough traffic.
  • Build an affiliate marketing website from Fiverr– $60 and Bluehost domain and hosting $110

(With this method you’ll be able to get your first 100 subscribers to your list. These are people who are interested in whatever service, you’re offering, and will also be repeat buyers)

Total: $485

Bonus tips for affiliate marketing


Quora happens to be a quality traffic source.

From quora, I have made a number of spaces in various niches including Law of Attraction, weight loss, and make money online.

This is pure organic traffic from people who are actually very interested in your space.

how to make money with fiverr

For you to be successful with quora, you have to provide value in form of content.

Some copywriting skills will come in handy.

I have been able to make constant sales, simply by providing value to people.

ii) Pinterest

Pinterest is a very powerful social media tool.

Creating pins for your content will drive 10x traffic to your page.

And you do not have to have a blog/website.

You could have written a piece of content on blogger/medium which are free blogging platforms with high D.A.

how to make money with fiverr

Pinterest posts easily rank on Google, and you can use this platform to drive traffic to your blog posts organically.

iii)Content is king

I know affiliate marketers who have never spent a dime on advertising.

These people make 6 figures purely from writing content.

I’m talking about SEO experts who have mastered the use of keywords, and produce content on a daily basis.

how to make money with fiverr

Are you good at writing?

You can simply create your blog, learn about SEO, and start producing content.

It’s that simple. I would highly recommend Fiverr Learn to learn SEO as it’s one of the best and updated learning platforms.

What it has taken for me to have a successful online venture


When I started my online ventures, I had a big problem with discipline. It takes time before you can train your mind to follow a specific routine.

The only motivation I had when I started out was to get out of debt. And that was my trigger.

how to make money with fiverr

You have to focus on your pain points, as you will start to see the bigger picture.

Maybe it’s that job that you really hate or the fact that you need more time with your family.

ii) Changed my mindset

You’ve heard about mindset and you probably think it’s just another word used by motivational speakers.

Most people would rather have a stable job, than start up something new.

This is what we call the employee mindset.

With such a fixed mindset, one believes that the only way to make a living is to get a good job.

A person with a growth mindset believes in opportunities and puts their mind and effort into identifying scalable opportunities.

A person with a growth mindset will make their first $1,000,000 within a year while a person with a fixed mindset will be busy looking for jobs with a good pension plan.

how to make money with fiverr

I had to start thinking like an entrepreneur for me to be successful.

I have many friends who wish to start online ventures, but they never make any big decisions.

I literally told them what I did to be successful, yet they are all stuck at their old and boring jobs.

If you are not an action-taker you will never make it in life. That’s just it.

Despite having a big college debt, I had a big will to make it.

And working with Fiverr experts was just me identifying an opportunity and making it work.

Even signing up for Fiverr and purchasing your first blog creation gig is quite a big step.

iii) Got rid of distractions

When I started my online ventures, I had to get rid of relationships that did not add value to me.

I had to delete my personal social media accounts and moved out to a remote place where no one knew me.

how to make money with fiverr

I sold most of my furniture and unnecessary gadgets so that all my attention went to improving my online business.

With barely any friends, I had so much time to learn new stuff.

It took about 6 months for me to start seeing positive results.

It was a move that was definitely worth it.

My highly Top Recommended Products

i) Fiverr LearnFiverr learn has been quite a good resource to learn digital marketing. I used this platform to learn Facebook Ads and SEO.

how to make money with fiverr
Fiverr Learn

Here, you’ll find, industry experts with stellar experience in their fields.

What I love about Fiverr learn is that you get updated content on Digital marketing, unlike other platforms.

ii)Getresponse– If you are to build a successful business online, you really need an email marketing platform to grow your list.

One of the best features of getresponse is that you can also build your landing pages and also create a website on the platform.

how to make money with fiverr

I have been using getresponse ever since I started my affiliate marketing journey, and it’s one of the most affordable and effective marketing software in the market.

iii) Upleap Instagram growth tool– Whatever online business you choose, having an active Instagram page should be your first priority.

Social media plays quite an important role in getting leads.

how to make money with fiverr

You want to build your pages professionally, and in a way to attract lots of traffic.

I used upleap Instagram growth tool to get instant organic followers and grow my Instagram pages in a matter of a few months.


Making money online is a hard nut to crack.

You have to sit down, think of an idea, and conceptualize it, for it to work.

However, when you choose the Fiverr platform, you can get access to ideas that already working for other people.

This is a great stepping stone, towards establishing your first online business opportunity.

Sign up to Fiverr today. And establish your first digital business.

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