How to start a successful Digital Agency from scratch in 2021

Online businesses are literally the easiest to tap into as one can start with the lowest overhead costs. A digital agency is a type of online business that sells digital services such as web design, social media management, app design, white labeling services, and many more.

The Covid-19 pandemic has played quite a huge role in the rise of digital agencies due to the acute demand for digital services.

According to a post on DataReportal website, more than 4.5 billion are using the internet as of the beginning of 2020 and about 60% of the world’s population have access to the internet.

This factor has contributed to the growth and demand for digital services.

A good example of a digital agency is website. This website provides white labeling services for businesses to get more leads.

While some digital agencies might have their own workforce, most digital agencies will outsource the work to freelancers. This practice is commonly referred to as drop servicing.

Getting started with your digital agency is almost effortless when you’re strategic and working with the right team.

It is paramount that you look for unique services such as app design, UX design, Game Art, Ebook cover design, Cartoon design, Animation and 3D product animation.

You must focus on one niche to be successful with a digital agency. Most established digital agencies offer web design & social media and SEO as their core services therefore these niches are very competitive.

Choose your ideal niche and make your website the go-to website when one is looking for that particular service. e.g You could have a website that exclusively offers E-book cover design.

If you’d like to see more unique offers, just go to Fiverr and browse through all the categories to identify your ideal niche target. Fiverr is a freelance marketplace with top experts in various fields, offering digital in-demand services.

In this article, I will outline all the steps and the specific experts required to start a fully functioning digital agency, using the Fiverr platform.

5 Steps to Creating a Digital Agency

1. Create a website

This is the most important step towards building your digital agency. Think of a website as a shop where people come to browse through your products.

At this point in creating your website, you should have already decided on what specific niche you want to offer in your digital agency.  A WordPress website with woo commerce features will be the option for you.

You want to create a one-page website that acts as a landing page and clients do not have to browse through pages to see all your content. Building a one-page site increases your conversion rates. Communicate this to your freelancer.

You’ll also need to do payment integration with options such as PayPal, Stripe, and Debit card

With such a website, clients can order a particular service and make payments directly to you.

If you have already purchased your domain and hosting, simply give the Cpanel logins to the freelancer. However, if you do not have a domain you can order one here from Bluehost.

The website freelancer should guide you on how to work with the website. Nevertheless, a WordPress website is very friendly for beginners.

2. Content Creation/ writing services

Now that your website is up and functioning, the next step is to create content for your website?

For example, if you’re offering 3D product design services, you would write content on “How to get 3D product design for your company”, or “Why 3D product design is an effective marketing tool?”. Creating content is a win-win as you make your website rank on search engines and also you get more leads to your digital agency.

The content can easily be created on other high authority sites and the call to action should link to your website/landing page.

Fiverr is a good source for experienced writers.

Getting a copywriter saves you time and energy in coming up with content. A qualified writer/content creator delivers quality content and in the shortest span of time.

3. Get a Google ads expert

For you to have access to clients, you need to drive traffic to your website/landing page. Since your website is fairly new, it is impossible to rank on search engines. Google Ads is a good way to drive quality traffic to your website.

You can choose to run your own campaigns or hire a Google Ads expert with extensive experience in running highly converting campaigns.

You can start with a budget of $20 per day and proceed to bigger budgets according to the number of leads you are getting.

4. Get an SEO expert

It is important to get an SEO expert who will optimize your website to get organic traffic in the long run. As time goes by, your website should get organic traffic without relying on ads.

Therefore, investing in an SEO expert to help your website rank for certain keywords is crucial. Generally, an SEO expert will create quality backlinks for your website from websites with a high D.A. (Domain Authority).

Regardless, you still have the option to work with SEO companies that will build your online presence faster but at a premium price.

Fatjoe is an SEO company that uses Blogger outreach, content creation, Press release distribution, infographic outreach and media placements to rank websites on search engines. See my full review of Fatjoe here. Use this link to claim your 10% discount.

5. Get a Marketing videos expert

YouTube Ads is an effective way to market your company to an audience that would be interested in digital services. With YouTube being the second most popular website in the world, advertisers have now shifted focus to video marketing.

Fiverr is a great source for marketing videos experts.

Since YouTube Ads falls under Google Ads, you would then deliver the marketing video to your Google ads manager.

Where to get the services

So you just received your first order, what next? It’s easy peasy. The answer is, you guessed it, Fiverr. Being that you have interacted with the freelancers on Fiverr, by now you would have known the best freelancers in each category.

However, as a service provider, make a point to learn more about the services that you are providing. That way, you’ll be in a better position to comprehend the unique needs of your various clients.

The main advantage with Fiverr is that you get top-notch services from experienced experts and at the lowest prices.

For example: If you have listed app mockup design for $400 on your website, you can easily find $40 app mockup services on Fiverr, and keep the rest as profit.

This is the business model that most Digital agencies use to operate.

Pricing for your digital agency

So how do you price your services? Classifying your digital service into packages is vital. Most packages will have basic, standard, and pro plans for clients to choose from.

For example: If your website offers app mockup design you’d have the following packages:

  • 1-page app mockup design-$150
  • 3-page app mockup design-$200
  • 5-page app mockup design-$300

Whatever niche you are into, you should do your market research and determine the best pricing model.


In this day and age, the internet provides an easy platform to kick start a fully functional business. Most companies have now shifted their focus to their digital platforms due to the lucrative numbers of people looking for services online.

The internet has made it possible for you to start up anything, while in bed! Yes literally!!!

Gone are the days when you had to rely on a job to make ends meet. Startup your digital agency this weekend…and fully explore the true power of the internet.

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