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In this JetThemeCore review, I plan to show you JetThemeCore rich features to create an appealing and world-class website. The recent upgrade to JetThemeCore 2.0 qualifies the plugin as a masterpiece with the newly installed features.

But first things first.

JetThemeCore for Elementor is part of an umbrella of plugins under Crocoblock. Crocoblock is quite a unique company, that creates dynamic content plugins.

As a web developer, you should always look out for more advanced technology in building websites. And with companies like Crocoblock, you could build dynamic content websites with advanced functionalities to elevate your web design services

Elementor Pro is quite big on dynamic content, but I’d say Crocoblock is way ahead by building custom post types for different functionalities.


If Elementor Pro was the Mayweather, then Crocoblock is the Mohammed Ali.

Get my point? However, for the best design experience, Crocoblock plugins work exceedingly smoothly with Elementor Pro.

It is almost as if Crocoblock was created to enhance Elementor Pro.

Purchasing the Crocoblock plugin lifetime package could really come in handy for you. Why? Imagine you need a dynamic booking feature on one client’s website, then you also need an appointment feature on another; you’ll need to buy different plugins (in this case, JetBooking & JetAppointment). This can be quite costly for your agency.

But with the Crocoblock lifetime package at only $999, you get all of Crocoblock’s dynamic content plugins. You might argue, that you don’t need all the plugins; but you’ll soon realize just how diverse and in-depth Crocoblock plugins are.


Once you start working with Crocoblock; it’s a road with no return.

Now that you have a deeper understanding of Crocoblock, let’s proceed with our JetThemeCore plugin tutorial.

Introduction to JetThemeCore

If you’re looking to create a website with a beautiful and appealing outlook, then JetThemeCore is your ideal choice. With JetThemeCore you get ready-made page templates for your headers, footers, single post templates, and archive pages.


Although you can do this with Elementor Pro, the features don’t get as good as with JetThemeCore templates.

However, be keen to note that JetThemeCore not only offers templates but goes further to include a plethora of other functionalities that we’ll explore in this blog post.

JetThemeCore 2.0 updates

Just when we thought that JetThemeCore was a dormant plugin, the developers emerge with a new version. Any Crocoblock oldie out there had no hopes for a revamped JetThemeCore.

Well, the developers have done an outstanding job with the plugin making it flexible and user-friendly.

JetThemeCore 2.0 New Features

  • The previous version of JetThemeCore only worked with Elementor, however, the new version also accommodates Gutenberg users. This feature ensures flexibility to work with Elementor and Gutenberg too.
  • Integration with more themes- Gone are the days when you needed to have a Kava theme in order to use JetThemeCore. Now Ocean Wp, Astra, Elementor Hello, Blocksy and Generate press users are part of the game with the new integration.
  • More templates- The new version includes a wider variety of templates for users to explore.
  • Ability to add conditions and advanced conditions- you have more control over where you want templates to appear by using conditions. We’ll explore more on this.
  • JetThemeCore 2.0 features search and filter templates
  • With the new version, users interact with two dashboards ie. Theme template & Theme builder. With theme template, one is able to store theme parts such as headers and footers. On the other hand, the theme builder creates page templates that include; the entire site, singular, archive, or advanced

Inserting templates with JetThemeCore

Once you have purchased, installed, and activated JetThemeCore, you’ll now have JetThemeCore resources active on your WordPress installation.

To insert JetThemeCore page templates, create a page on WordPress, then click on edit with Elementor.


You should see JetThemeCore’s magic wand as shown below.


Once you click on the wand, you should see different blocks of templates. The whole setup pretty much works like Elementor or Elementor PRO. You’ll have an effective top bar and sidebar to navigate through templates.

Upon clicking on any template, you’ll have an option to insert the template, straight into your webpage.

JetThemeCore does a great job in providing niche templates for different types of websites. For example: If you’re looking for deep niche templates, like for a music website or a sports website, JetThemeCore could work out well for you.

JetThemeCore: Adding Header Conditions

With JetThemeCore you can have different headers and display them, where they work conveniently for you. Therefore, you can add conditions to display a header to an entire site or specifically to a particular page template.

jetthemecore for elementor

This gives you the ability to create custom headers for custom pages. This is quite an important feature, as you can customize your header according to the content displayed on a specific page template.

JetThemeCore: Creating Responsive WordPress Page Templates

Suppose you want to display some sections on your desktop and hide them on your phone; how do you go about it? Well, JetThemeCore has this handled. With this plugin, you’re able to assign conditions to particular template to determine whether it will be displayed on a particular device or not.

This is quite a convenient feature for a developer, as some page templates appear better on desktop, rather than on a phone/tablet.

JetThemeCore: Creating Custom Blog post archive templates

The default WordPress blog post layout can fail to bring life to your blog. Therefore, JetThemeCore made it their business, to come up with a custom archive templates to bring out that extra design feel for your blog.

And not only does this work with Elementor, now Gutenberg users are able to utilize this feature. To get the best out of this property, it might be essential to also install Listing Grid from JetEngine, Post widget from JetElements, and SmartPostList from JetBlog.

JetThemeCore: Creating Archive Template to display search results

It is not enough to just create blog post custom archive templates, you should also extend this feature to your search results archive page.

JetThemeCore in collaboration with Listing Template (JetEngine), AjaxSearch (JetSearch) and SmartPostList(JetBlog), will create an archive template displaying search results.

jetthemecore for elementor

Upon setting up conditions and activating this feature; when you search for a particular keyword via the search property, the search results archive template will appear.

JetThemeCore: Create a single post page template

Setting up your single post page to have a custom design lets you explore more dynamic features. With JetThemeCore, you’re able to create single post page template in Elementor,& WordPress Editor.


You can also build a structured single page. JetThemeCore combined with JetEngine will work perfect for this feature.

JetThemeCore: Setting up footer conditions

In the same way, you can have different headers appear on different page templates, the same can be done for footers.

Maybe, you want to display a unique footer for the front page, and have a default one for other pages; JetThemeCore will be your ideal plugin.

To utilize this property, you’ll need to have created a footer either by Elementor or Block editor.

JetThemeCore: Creating page templates for different users

Website features should be accessed according to one’s user role. With JetThemeCore you can assign various page templates for different users.

For example, You could have a user as an author, and when they log in, they have an option to add a new article. Additionally, a normal user might only be able to interact with posts.

To achieve this, you’ll only need pre-built headers and body templates.

JetThemeCore: Creating a custom 404 page

Creating a custom 404 page for missing links ensures a more appealing page than the default 404 page. You might not necessarily have broken links, but a user could type in a wrong link, and they’ll automatically be led to a 404 page.


With JetThemeCore, you’re able to create your own custom 404 pages either with Elementor or Gutenberg block editor.

JetThemeCore: Dashboard summary

As mentioned earlier, JetThemeCore comprises two dashboards in order to streamline functionalities.

Theme Builder

On the theme builder, a user is able to create page templates and assign them to specific pages according to preference. In the “Create new page template” option, one allocates templates to specific pages and utilizes multiple conditions to determine where the template shouldn’t be displayed.

After assigning conditions, the page template determines body structure type which comes in three forms; single, page and archive.

On the import button, you’re able to upload a template from your local device to the builder. As a user, you can navigate through your templates by use of the “search” option. Additionally, you can conveniently filter for a specific type of template (single, page, archive) by use of the “filter” option.

The three dots at the top corner of the template, explore more options including:

  • Edit conditions- if you need to change the conditions set, you can use this option
  • Duplicate-you can create a duplicate copy with this option
  • Export- With this feature, you can export your template to your device in JSON format.
  • Delete-To get rid of a template, use this option
jetthemecore plugin

When you click on any section, e.g. “add header” you have a choice to “create template” or “add from library”. When you click on “create template“, you get to choose your “template content-type” and your “template name“.

Alternatively, when you click the “add from library” option, pops up the library with all the templates created previously. You have the option to “edit first” or proceed to “use it“. Read more here>>

Theme Templates

All the templates created on the Theme builder will be displayed here, and you can set conditions from this dashboard. Each template will appear with the specific editor they were created with i.e either Elementor or Gutenberg.

What I really like about JetThemeCore

Having interacted with JetThemeCore and explored its features, the following are a few points that I like about the plugin:

  • The fact that JetThemeCore just made a recent update, we’re assured that the plugin is here to stay. Looking forward to what the developers will come up with in the future.
  • I find JetThemeCore to be more flexible with the newly integrated multi-conditions.
  • JetThemeCore indeed comes with more niche templates to suit the needs of various users.
  • World-class designed templates- JetThemeCore plays no games when it comes to design, and I love every bit of it.

Should you consider using JetThemeCore

I would totally recommend using JetThemeCore on your website. Although it comes with a bit of a learning curve, once you get it, you’ll have an easy time exploring multi-conditions and the endless unique features that JetThemeCore offers.

The Developers are definitely giving Elementor Pro, a run for their money, with the 2.0 version. I really think that JetThemeCore has proved itself in the page builders industry. This is for sure a space to look out for.

JetThemeCore Pricing

If you intend to purchase JetThemeCore, now is the time as they now have a single subscription that goes for $23 for one website(as of the writing of this article).

Previously you could only access JetThemeCore via the All-inclusive package or the Lifetime subscription package. The following are the pricing for different packages:

  • Custom subscription: $23 for 1 website / $47 unlimited websites – for a year(as a stand-alone)
  • All-Inclusive subscription: $199 for 1 website / $399 unlimited websites – for a year
  • Lifetime subscription: $999 unlimited websites / lifetime usage

If you’re a beginner, you could start out with the $23/$47 custom subscription, and only upgrade when you need more functionalities.

jetthemecore review
Follow link to download JetThemeCore


JetThemeCore for Elementor WordPress plugin is definitely breaking odds, especially with the most recent version. If you’re running a web design agency, this plugin could come in really handy for you. I mean, we all have those clients who always need extra functionalities, on their pages. It can be quite frustrating.

JetThemeCore gives you that extra flexibility for your page templates and you get to access advanced features that will make your design experience easier.

And it’s not just about JetThemeCore, it’s all the Crocoblock plugins. Dynamic Content is the trend in web design and Crocoblock is the leader. It’s that simple. Join the bandwagon.

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