Make money online with Print Monkey for affiliate marketing beginners in 2021

Affiliate Marketing at a Glance

Getting started with Affiliate marketing is not a walk in the park. If you do not have high-ranking blogs or a YouTube channel with millions of views, affiliate marketing will take you months or even years in order to be successful.

I speak out of experience when I say Affiliate marketing is not for the faint-hearted. Unless you have thousands of dollars to throw into campaigns, starting to make constant affiliate sales is a hard nut to crack.

When I started Affiliate marketing back in 2017, I did not have any money to spare. Therefore, I had to look for organic ways to make affiliate commissions. This involved building sites and optimizing them to rank on Google. I started out with Google sites and would create long-form content.

Google sites was ideal, as it was easier to start ranking compared to a self-hosted website. Nevertheless, the lack of money for me was a blessing in disguise, as I was able to build a long-term affiliate marketing business without spending a dime.

As I write this, I’m constantly making $18,0000 a month, from my highly optimized blogs.

I have been getting lots of questions on how one can get started with Affiliate marketing from my students. Most of my students and people, in general, do not have the work ethic to do what I did when I started out.

 Therefore, I have done intensive research on how one can get started with affiliate marketing and found the perfect system called Print Monkey.

What is Print Monkey?

Print Monkey is a system created by a Top-guru known as Brendan Mace that gives you access to 30 campaigns built by him, that have made him at least $1000 per day. The system uses warriorplus and Jvzoo programs and lets you access to bonus and review pages that are highly converting when you drive traffic to them.

How does it work?

Once you purchase print monkey for about $13.20, you’ll have access to software with a dashboard, that lets you choose what products you’d want to promote on warriorplus/jvzoo. You will need to open an account on warriorplus or jvzoo if you do not have an active account on both platforms.

Once you have an active account up and running, on your dashboard, you’ll have the option to “create a campaign”. Click on “Create a campaign”

In the next section, you’ll be required to provide your warriorplus affiliate link for the product that you want to promote. You can easily right-click and see all the products that are available for the campaign.

(If you are fairly new to warriorplus, you’ll probably need to request access to promote the products. However, your request will be approved almost immediately, because you are requesting through print monkey.)

Once you get the link, of the product that you’d like to promote, paste it on the affiliate link tab. On the product review tab, choose the product review for the specific product you chose to promote.

Once you are done with this, you will get a fully customized review page and bonus page, integrated with your affiliate link.

The Review Page

So what exactly is the review page? Whatever product you have chosen to promote, you will get access to a page, with a video that reviews the product that you are selling, and the benefits it has to the user. The review page increases your conversion rate by 80%, as you convince the potential buyer, why they really need that product.

At the bottom of the review page, is your affiliate link, and a list of all the bonuses that the buyer will get when they purchase the product through your affiliate link.

With this review page, any buyer will be inclined to buy your product, as they get to see all the premium products they’ll access for free when they buy through your affiliate link.

The Bonus page

This is the page that your buyers will access when they purchase the product through your affiliate link. The page will give all the details on how they are supposed to get access to their bonuses after purchasing your product.

Do not buy Print Monkey Upsells

Print monkey system offers a bunch of upsells. Most people will fall for the traffic generation upsell, however, it is not worth it.

How to drive traffic to your product

So now that you have everything set up, you need traffic to convert your product into sales. So how do you do it? The best traffic source that I guarantee you to make at least 2 or more sales is Udimi. With Udimi, you get experts with big lists of potential buyers that are likely to buy your product.

If you can drive at least 500 visitors to your offer, you are assured of at least 5 sales. It is usually recommended for you to have a landing page, to capture the emails of your potential buyers. However, for now we’ll just do direct linking to the review page, just for a quick start.

Let’s get you started with Udimi and get 5% discount

Udimi is a platform that lets you access a list of top email marketers with email lists of previous buyers that are also likely to buy your product. These email marketers drive traffic to your page using top-notch copywriting skills that are likely to convert potential buyers into sales.

For a beginner, this is one of the best traffic generation strategies to get your feet wet into affiliate marketing. The reason, is you get a traffic source that already has potential leads and you do not have to start testing out other sources of traffic.

Important Notice: Use this 5% discount link to sign up for Udimi

Once you are logged in to Udimi, Look out for the following email marketers that have a very high conversion rate.

1. Angelo Sayson

Angelo Sayson is one of the most expensive email marketers on Udimi but he has a list with the most converting leads. He charges $0.89 per email lead

2. Thomas Freeman

Thomas Freeman is a top email marketer on Udimi with 20% repeat orders and charges $0.72 per lead.

3.Brandon Sean

Brandon Sean has been on the Udimi space for quite a while. He is one of the best email marketers to get you instant leads. He charges $0.69 per email lead

I would recommend that you get at least 300 visitors to your link, for you increase your chances of making sales.


While affiliate marketing is quite challenging, if you drive traffic to the right traffic source, you are bound to be successful.

Of importance is that you remain patient to test out the best traffic sources. This would mean that you’d be willing to lose money in order to get it right. Most people give up on affiliate marketing when they invest in a traffic source and do not get any returns.

Develop a positive attitude, and be kind to yourself. When one strategy fails, keep your head high, and go on to the next. With this mindset, you will achieve the impossible. So keep keeping on!

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