The Best Oberlo Alternative to your Dropshipping Business

With the new announcement that Oberlo is shutting down, I bet you’re panicking about the future of your dropshipping business. 

Indeed you have invested a lot of time and effort in building your business and taking risks isn’t just part of the deal. 

For any Dropshipping business out there to be successful, short dropshipping times and the quality of products are the key factors.

I well understand your concerns, and that’s why I got the perfect solution for you. And all you’ll need is a Spocket account and an Aliscraper extension.

 With these two factors in place, we’ll migrate your Oberlo products with a click of a button from Oberlo and to Spocket.

Why you need Spocket as your supplier

Let me guess, you’ve only known Oberlo as your only supplier ever since you started your Shopify store. As a previous Oberlo user, I can tell you that Spocket has one of the best services in the dropshipping world. And I assure you that working with Spocket is an absolute upgrade.

From quality products to faster shipping times, Spocket is taking perfection to a whole new level. And being that you’re accustomed to selling Aliexpress products, on Oberlo, the Aliscraper extension will do all the dirty work for you. And it’s all too easy to set up…literally like a,b,c…

Let’s migrate your Oberlo products to Spocket

You’ll literally be blown away, by how easy it is to migrate your Oberlo products to Spocket, with a 1-click Oberlo migration tool. So, here we go:

  1. The first step is to install the Aliscraper extension with Google Chrome as your browser. To do this, navigate to Chrome webstore, and type in “Aliscraper” and add the extension to your browser.
best oberlo alternative

2. You’ll now need to visit your Shopify store, and navigate to the “Apps” section. 

oberlo alternative

3. On the top right corner of the page, click on “customize your store” as shown below:

how to install spocket to shopify

4. On the search bar, type in “Spocket” and choose the “Spocket- US & EU dropshipping” option as shown:

best oberlo alternative

5. The next step is to add Spocket to your Shopify. Do this by clicking on the “add app ” function.

oberlo alternative

6. After successfully adding the app, proceed to install it, as shown below:

oberlo alternative

7. In order for the migration to occur, be keen to check that Oberlo and Shopify are installed on your specific Shopify store. If your Oberlo isn’t active, you can add it, and install it once again.

best oberlo alternative

8. Now click on Oberlo, and navigate to the “products” section. All the products on the page, can now be migrated to Spocket.

oberlo alternative
oberlo alternative

9. In order to migrate the products to Spocket, simply click on the “migrate products to Spocket” button, on the bottom right of the page.

oberlo alternative

10. If you haven’t logged in to your Spocket account, you’ll be prompted to do so. Simply enter your Spocket login details.

other dropshipping suppliers

11. Once you manage to login into your account, you’ll have an option to “migrate all products“. With a simple click, you’ll be on your migration journey to Spocket.

dropshipping supplier

12. Upon clicking the “migrate all products” feature, a small tab will appear on the top corner, showing the progress of the migration.

shopify dropshipping supplier

13. Once you start migrating, you’ll automatically be redirected to the Aliexpress page. You do need to do anything on Aliexpress, therefore just navigate back to your Oberlo page, and you’ll see the progress of your migration.

shopify dropshipping supplier

14. In order to take a look at your migrated products, just click on ” open my products” through Aliscraper, and you’ll be redirected to the products page on Spocket.

shopify dropshipping supplier

Once you’re on the products page, and you see all your Oberlo products, congratulations, as you just completed your migration to Spocket.

dropshipping supplier

And from now henceforth, Spocket will be your official supplier to fulfill products.

Note: It is only products with “Aliexpress standard shipping”, as the shipping option that will be migrated.

Importing products from Aliexpress through Aliscraper

Being an avid Oberlo user I bet you loved how you could easily import Aliexpress products to your store. Well, the same also applies to Spocket users. Users are able to do this via the Aliscraper extension tool, and I’ll show you do this step by step:

  1. Visit the Aliexpress website, and proceed to click on the Aliscraper extension, you’ll then be requested to log in to Spocket through Aliscraper.
dropshipping supplier

2. Once logged in, one is able to navigate through products based on shipping destination and shipping method. Kindly note, that you’ll only get to see these options when you’ve put in a search term on the search bar.

For example: If you search for women’s handbags, and you’d love to browse items by use of shipping info, you’ll click on the Aliscraper extension while on the handbags page, and you’ll be able to filter through handbags based on shipping destination and method.

dropshipping supplier

Like in the above example, I have chosen “United States”, as my “Ship to” country and “Aliexpress standard shipping” as my shipping method. Therefore when I click on, “update settings“, the listing will be filtered according to these factors.

3. Being that now you’re completely familiar with how to navigate items with Aliscraper, the next step is to import the products.

You can import products in three different ways.

  • Single listing import– With the Aliscraper, users are able to import a singular listing. This comes in handy if you’re only looking for a particular product/item and you found it on Aliexpress. To put this to action, click on the specific product, and while on that page, you’ll see an option to import to Spocket on the bottom right of the page.
oberlo alternative
  • Through hover- suppose you want to import products without going to each listing’s page. In this case, having made a search on women’s handbags, on the listings that appear, you’ll have an option to import a handbag, by hovering over the handbag.
oberlo alternative
  • Through bulk import– if you’d want to import an entire category from Aliexpress, this would be the best option. If for example, I’m interested in fashion items and would love to import the entire category to my store, I’ll visit the “fashion” link and then choose “Bulk import products to Spocket“. This can be done from the Aliexpress homepage.
oberlo alternative
oberlo alternative

In order to have your imported products fulfilled, you’ll need to click on “my orders” on your Spocket dashboard. Make sure to check out the products and the Spocket will fulfill them.

As you can see, Spocket has your back for you to continue running your dropshipping business as usual.

Spocket Pricing

Spocket has 4 different pricing packages according to one’s needs.

  • Free plan($0)
  • Starter plan ($24.99)- access to 25 unique products
  • Pro plan( $49.99)- access to 250 unique products
  • Empire plan ($99.99)-access to 10,000 unique products


You most definitely had a special connection to your Oberlo store, but this could be a blessing in disguise for your dropshipping business. Change is inevitable in the end, and maybe this is the positive change that your store needs. Oberlo might have been the pioneer, but Spocket is indeed the future. Get on the train and let’s grow your business to the moon.

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