Why you are likely to be unsuccessful; if you don’t do this

Chances are that you clicked on this out of curiosity. Am I right? Or maybe you think that  I’m trying to sell you a course. Well, you’re mistaken. This is definitely not one of those motivational kinds of blog posts either. If that’s what you are looking for, kindly click on the next article.

I have met so many people who want change their lives. It’s always the same narrative “I want to make a living online and achieve financial independence.”

For some weird reason, people think that making it online is easy; well let me break the ice for you. For you to succeed in anything you will have to work hard. To put it in context; you are likely to go back to your old annoying job if you are not a self-motivated person. You must hate me now, but I’m giving it to you straight.

  1. Discipline

I’ve met so many people who haven’t had success in building a business online. They’re always complaining saying that making a living online is a scam. I don’t blame them; they’re resentful. Someone told them to quit their job and just live the “laptop lifestyle”.

When it comes to building an online business, you need to choose a particular niche and stick with it to the end. You will definitely come across many tutorials that promise you a quick buck.

For example; you could start a pet’s website (if it’s your passion); you would create blog and a YouTube channel only focusing on this niche. Waking up and doing this every day is what makes people successful.

2. Consistency

This is a big problem for many people. People always think that there is this magic formula that they’ll do, and “poof “they’ll be successful in their online business. Consistency means even when there’s a “new kid on the block”, that’s making people money; you still stick to your niche.

I’ve seen many people jump from one type of business to another. Clients want to meet someone who is a veteran at a particular niche, and only being consistent will give you that.

3. Hard work

Most people don’t like the term working hard. They prefer “working smart”.

 Hard work will entail you looking for great content for your blog, sending emails to potential clients, calling clients, creating videos for your YouTube channel……Yes! It’s a lot of work!!! And most people will quit when they realize that making a business online takes a lot of HARDWORK!

As I said earlier, self-motivation is quite essential when it comes to building an online business. Self-motivation will drive you to do all this work; because you know the end results, it will give you resilience and perseverance. There’ll be those days that you’ll wonder, “What the hell I’m I doing?” but at the end of it all; you’ll be glad that you took a leap of faith and dared to dream.

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